Imagine having a wedding, business function, private party or anything you can conjure up in your imagination caught on canvas while it is actually happening!

Through painting on site, we specialize in capturing the mood and overall feel of the event as it is being experienced, providing a piece of quality art which is finished, ready to take home and hang or presented as a gift even before the event has finished.

We arrive at the event with a blank canvas of the requested size and, within a few hours with both of us working on the painting, you will own a masterpiece that will faithfully immortalize the event in a way that only a spontaneously created artwork can.

All Time Champions of the Golden Brush live art competition and both of us finalists in the British Columbia live “Art Battle” finals, we have an unparalleled depth of experience encompassing a fine arts degree, extensive knowledge of art history, live painting in Versace’s six star hotel chain, multiple weddings, business awards, world art projects and teaching.

Our camaraderie generates a synchronicity that is an irresistible artistic force as we provide a unique service and compelling live art entertainment.

Our love of art runs deep in our veins.

You will all enjoy both the experience and the finished picture.

We promise.

Bill and Olga.