Our wedding photography and cinematography is designed exclusively for the creatively courageous, effortlessly elegant, DIY, cupcake nibbling, detail-obsessed, romantically whimsical bride with a fun-loving edge … and her stylish soon-to-be hunk of a spouse. You both want your wedding day to be a supremely unique experience. With an abundance of thoughtful details. That maybe you thought of yourself. Or maybe you got from spending all of Sunday morning on Pinterest. (Don’t feel bad…we all do it!) Either way, your wedding is going to be unapologetically unforgettable, because yours isn’t just a wedding; it’s a piece of art. From your love for one another, right down to the lemons you’ll be genuisly using as card holders, your wedding will be anything but the usual. Just like your photographer. Enter: Reminisce Photography: Where the only detail we’ll leave out is the candid shot of Uncle John nodding off after too many glasses of sangria. Then again, maybe not. After all, it’s all a part of the story. Your story. And we’re here to help you tell it, now and for years to come… one courageously clever, charmingly chic photo at a time